Personal work

I love to explore new materials. I love to make an ordinary object more beautiful and unique. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

And, oh…

Cigar box, paper, old wood box, 1881 Boston Herald, vintage family photo, grape vine.


Taking apart old ad art and making something new…

Decorated Boxes

Decorated gift boxes with letterpress tags.

Folded Paper Box

Addicted to reading about Irving Harper and his paper sculptures.


Little Bird

These bird ornaments are replicas of one my mom’s original wood blocks used for printing clothing. I always loved the look and feel of original printing blocks – so I created a way of reproducing them. This little bird is cast with a resin-infused plaster and then hand colored.


Originally carved from linoleum, I made a mold of each image. These small tiles were cast and then hand colored and distressed before adding super strong magnets.


An exploration of tiles based on original wood and lino printing blocks. Each was cast with a resin-infused plaster and then hand colored and distressed.