My Process

This page offers an abridged view into my design process. While there are WAY more steps and revisions than I can possibly show here, I hope this delivers just a little insight as to how I got from the very beginning of a project to the end result.

1. Hitchcock Free Academy provides educational, recreational, and cultural programs to residents of all ages. They needed an updated image that would not only incorporate the building’s cupola, but hold up to both low and high-end printing methods. (Click image to enlarge)

Process - Hitchcock Free Academy

2. (New England Railroad Photos) is a photographic archive of railroading in New England, both past and present. Below is a brief glimpse into the process of developing a logo to be used on their website and shirts. (Click image to enlarge)

Process -

3. Food Allergy Network is a parent-created organization whose mission is to increase education and awareness of life-threatening food allergies. As a start-up, they needed a logo that clearly depicted their intentions. (Click image to enlarge)

Process - Food Allergy Network

4. Letterpress Coasters. I had just purchased my first tabletop press and was teaching myself (still learning!) letterpress printing. I had a case of 1000 blank coasters and a nephew’s birthday – the perfect combination. Here’s what I came up with. (Click image to enlarge)

Process - Letterpress Coasters